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Strikfeforce: Keith Jardine Vs. Gegard Mousasi

Gegard Mousasi vs. Keith Jardine

Round 1: Jardine takes Mousasi down early but Mousasi gets up quickly. They clinch and Mousasi lands some good punches in the midsection. They clinch against the cage again and Jardine attempts a takedown. Jardine eats a couple elbows to the head before finally securing the takedown. Mousasi gets back to his feet before being taken down to the mat. They get back to their feet and start trading blows. Mousasi starts teeing away and Jardine is in trouble. Jardine is able to take Mousasi down again. Mousasi hits an illegal upkick and the fight is paused. Jardine is given a couple minutes to recover and Mousasi is deducted a point. The fight restarts and Mousasi presses forward. The fight ends with Mousasi landing some nice blows. scores the round 9-9.

Round 2: Mousasi presses forward and misses a big swing. Mousasi stuffs a takedown attempt. They trade punches and Mousasi lands a leg kick. Mousasi continues to pick away at Jardine wit jabs. Jardine scores a takedown with two minutes in the round. Mousasi is able to get back to his feet. Mousasi lands a solid jab. Jardine gets another takedown, but isn’t able to do much and Mousasi gets back to his feet. Mousasi continues to jab away as the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Mousasi.

Round 3: Mousasi continues to press forward and peg Jardine with shots. Jardine got his by a low blow and the fight was paused. The fight resumed and Mousasi continued to display his superiority on the feet. Jardine pressed Mousasi against the cage. Mousasi scores a takedown and secures a tight guillotine, but Jardine is able to escape and get back to his feet. Mousasi takes Jardine back down to the ground. Mousasi gets full mount, but Jardine wiggles out and clinches with Mousasi against the cage. Mousasi started teeing of. The ref stops the fight again to replace Jardine’s mouthpiece. The fight restarts and Mousasi continues to pick Jardine apart. Mousasi takes Jardine to the ground and starts with some ground and pound. Mousasi stays dominant on top and lands punches from the top. Jardine looks for a submission as the round comes to an end. scores the round 10-9 for Mousasi.

The judges score it 29-27 Mousasi, 28-28 and 28-28 for a majority draw.