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“The Ultimate Fighter 13″ Episode Two Recap: Lesnar Gains The Advantage

Welcome to’s weekly recap of The Ultimate Fighter 13.

Episode two of The Ultimate Fighter 13 begins with Junior Dos Santos trying to decide what fight to make. Shamar reminisces on his victory last week and says that if he would have lost, that it could have been an avalanche going “in the wrong direction.” Team dos Santos member Keon Caldwell is having a hard time in training and is talking about missing his family.

Brock Lesnar says he expected to lose last week “because of the pick.” He noted that all the guys lack wrestling, so that’s their focus and that they’re “doing what they can.”

Keon decides that he’s had enough. Cue UFC President Dana White, who does his speech about wanting to be a fighter and doing this for his family. Keon decides to stick around… for another ten minutes.

Junior picks Javier Torres to face Team Lesnar’s Chris Cope. Lesnar says dos Santos’ team is doing the right thing having their stronger guys against his weaker guys. Dos Santos’ assistant coach Lew Polley says that he knows Cope, and that he’s a part time fighter not fully into the sport.

Keon is pushed in training by Polley and quits. This time dos Santos doesn’t stop him and Dana White says that the upside is that he left early so that they can get somebody real on the show.

Cope says Javier will have a fight. Lesnar says that he hasn’t been “wowed” by Cope, and hopes that he surprises him. Lesnar gives the “any given Sunday” speech to his team, saying that every dog has his day, and that this is a sport of inches and anyone can win on any given day. Cope read a letter from his girlfriend who says that this show is his destiny.

In the fight, Cope upsets Javier via unanimous decision with all judges scoring the fight 10-9. Javier took the first round with his wrestling, while Cope took the second with his striking. This warranted a third sudden death round, which Cope took with his superior striking while Javier looked gassed.

Lesnar celebrated with his team after the bout, and said that he was making “chicken salad out of chicken sh-t.”

The second episode of TUF 13 is in the books, make sure you check back next week on to catch our breakdown of episode three!