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Joe Rogan Discusses Fedor’s Need To Drop Weight Classes

UFC color man Joe Rogan is not alone in his belief that Russian MMA great Fedor Emelianenko would benefit from dropping some pounds.

“The Last Emperor” competes as a heavyweight and usually weighs in soft at 230lbs., while his contemporaries often cut weight to make the 265lbs. heavyweight limit and walk into the cage upwards of 275lbs. Rogan went into detail at a fan Q&A recently as to why Emelianenko needs to consider trimming his waist (props to MMAWeekly).

“I think, at the highest levels of the game, you can’t be rolling around fat at 230 and fight those guys,” said Rogan. “We saw that in the ‘Bigfoot’ Silva fight — you know, ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, he walks around at 290lbs. [Fedor’s] an amazing athlete and he’s put on some incredible fights over the years, but I think once you get to the highest levels of the game you can’t come in fat, you can’t be fighting way above your weight class. Look, there’s guys at 185 that are bigger than him. Anthony Johnson’s way bigger than Fedor. That’s reality. He’s bigger in his frame, he walks around heavier than him. When Anthony Johnson weighs 230, he’s not fat, he’s not fat, he’s a big, swoll up 230.”

Rogan explained that Emelianenko is certainly not at a loss in the talent department, but that if he wants to be taken seriously as a contender he will need to consider competing against opponents closer to his own size.

“I think Fedor’s an amazing talent, an incredible athlete,” he said. “I really admire his mind and his mindset when he goes in to compete — it’s really fun to watch. That he’s so nonchalant with his big belly and he just goes in there and fucks people up. The reality is, that’s not gonna work in the upper echelon of the sport anymore. I think back when he was on top in Pride it was okay, but the game is past that now. The game is in another place.”