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Jason “Mayhem” Miller Looking To Coach “TUF 14″

Let’s face it, no one is buying “business as usual.”

UFC president Dana White coined the term to inform everyone what to expect from Zuffa’s recent purchase of the Strikeforce promotion, but most predict that Zuffa will slowly transform Strikeforce in its own image before ultimately absorbing the promotion altogether. Strikeforce middleweight fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller is among those who believe that the two promotions will eventually be one and he’s looking to make the most of it.

“First of all, I’m glad that the Ultimate Fighter is getting back on track by putting two guys [Bisping and Sonnen] who are going to be absolutely entertaining on the television. You got the Republitard vs. The Limey. It’s going to be great,” Miller recently told “It’s a step in the right direction. But I still say, give me a break. I’m way more entertaining, and I’ll beat both of those guys up.”

However, throwing a wrench in Miller’s plans, UFC president Dana White told MMAJunkie that Sonnen’s legal and personal woes will likely keep him from his rumored TUF coaching stint.

“We have no clue who will coach; Chael has a ton of problems (right now),” White said.

Miller quickly adjusted his strategy and petitioned White to allow him to coach the show against Bisping in Sonnen’s stead.

“@DanaWhite Chael can’t make it to the party? I’d happily be the American Hero,” wrote Miller. “Put me on TUF, watch the ratings explode.”

Miller already has show hosting experience, having been the front man for MTV’s Bully Beatdown program over the last three seasons. The decorated and colorful fighter has inspired a legion of followers and would no doubt bring the entertainment to the TUF set.