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Brock Lesnar Up For Fight With Undertaker, Says He Doesn’t Have “A Shot In Hell”

As if his status as one of MMA’s most intriguing figures needed further proving, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar had the MMA world speculating non-stop over his future in the sport following his October title fight loss to Cain Velasquez — and he didn’t have to say a word.

“It’s amazing how I don’t even have to go and tell anything and just close the door and people will talk about me for months to come,” Lesnar recently stated during an interview with’s Ariel Helwani.

Lesnar was defeated soundly via first round TKO and, upon leaving the cage, was confronted by his former World Wrestling Entertainment co-star “The Undertaker” Mark Calaway. That interaction followed by several months where Lesnar played hermit and focused only on hunting/fishing and his family had many already writing his career’s eulogy.

Lesnar revealed to Helwani that he still doesn’t fully understand what “The Undertaker” was after.

“I was a bit delirious, obviously. Cain put me on a street that I didn’t know the name of and so I was looking for my way home,” Lesnar said of the moments prior to his brief but infamous confrontation with Calaway. “I went out the Octagon and — I had heard that Mark, The Undertaker was gonna be there. I enjoyed working with Mark in the ring, but me and him — there were some things said. We have a mutual friend and that kinda really pissed me off.

“It’s one of those things where we’ve got a mutual friend and I overheard some things that he said about me, then I had a rebuttal to it and our friend must have relayed the message to him and he wasn’t too happy — I don’t know what he wants to do,” he elaborated. “Maybe he wanted to try to fight. I don’t know if he was there to fight or what, or if he was there to get some attention. I don’t know.”

If it was a fight that The Undertaker was looking for, Lesnar welcomed him to make the switch from pro-wrestling to MMA and try his hand against him in the cage, where the stakes are real.

“Mark ain’t got a shot in hell,” Lesnar said. “If he wanted to make the transition against me, I’m up for it.”