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Brock Lesnar: Junior Dos Santos Is Not The Man To Stop Me

Brock Lesnar recently served as a coach on the thirteenth season of The Ultimate Fighter opposite Junior dos Santos. The season began airing last night and now dos Santos and Lesnar are in the early stages of preparing for their impending June fight, in addition to making the media rounds in promotion of the show.

During one such promotional appearance, on ESPN’s First Take, Lesnar discussed what he learned about dos Santos during the taping of the show that gives him added confidence for their upcoming scrap.

“We had very little interaction. Their training sessions were separate from ours. But, I did have the chance to face him across the Octagon because he was coaching his team against mine,” Lesnar said. “It was a confidence builder for me. I could just see in Junior that he’s not the man to stop me on June 11.”

Unlike his past fights against Frank Mir, Lesnar explained that he holds no ill will against dos Santos and that, even though that extra motivation is never a bad thing, the fact that dos Santos stands between him and the belt is enough to get Lesnar’s blood pumping.

“A little bit (of a grudge) helps, but Junior’s a good guy, a respectable guy,” he said. “I’ve got nothing against him. He’s in my way for my next title shot and that’s business for me.”

Lesnar and dos Santos are set to meet on June 11 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for UFC 131.