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Matt Hughes: “I’ve Got To Go Out With A Win”

UFC Hall of Famer and former welterweight champ Matt Hughes was contemplating retirement following his twenty one second knockout loss to BJ Penn this past November, but an inborn desire to compete has caused him to want to stick around the game for at least a few more fights.

Hughes appeared on a segment of “Inside America’s Gyms” recently and spoke with host, Inside MMA correspondent Ron Kruck, about his future in the Octagon, revealing that he is going to get back in the cage soon so that he may attempt to go out on a victory.

“Early fall, late summer, I plan on going back in,” Hughes said of his return to action. “I’ve been talking with the UFC a little bit, a few things that might happen. We just don’t know exactly what’s gonna happen yet. When, who or where, we just don’t know yet.”

After fighting three times in 2010, Hughes told Kruck that he is content to fight no more than two times this year and that, while he isn’t hanging up his gloves just yet, he does see the end of his MMA career rapidly approaching.

“Once or twice and that’s it,” said Hughes when asked how many times he wants to fight this year. “And I’ll be real honest: I’m 37-years old, my competitors are around 28-years old. It’s about time for Matt Hughes to find something else to do. These young guys are just that, they’re young, they’re hungry. I don’t have a whole lot of fights left in me, I don’t wanna be that guy that goes out there and is not competing with his opponent.”

After accomplishing as much as he has in MMA, some wonder why Hughes would still want to subject himself to the rigors of MMA competition. He told Kruck that it’s for the same reason that he got involved in fighting in the first place.

“Well, I’m a competitor and that’s what keeps me in this fight game. I love to compete,” he said. “Whether it’s throwing rocks with my brother, doing something against my wife, it doesn’t matter. I’ve got a sickness to where, no matter what I do, I find a way to compete with somebody about it. But, I’ve got to go out with a win. If I don’t go out with a win, I’m probably going to find somebody else and talk to the UFC — if they have to drag somebody in there in a wheelchair, I don’t care. I just want to beat them, then I’ll be done.”