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Shane Carwin’s Sponsor Says He Threw Fight Against Brock Lesnar

According to a recent conversation through his Twitter account, UFC heavyweight fighter Shane Carwin confirmed the rumor that he had gone unpaid by a sponsor for his July UFC 116 fight against then-champion Brock Lesnar.

The sponsor’s apparent reasoning? That Carwin threw the fight.

The brief Twitter conversation which highlighted the situation can be read below.

From @andremalanio: “Yo @ShaneCarwin, there’s a rumor at @MiddleEasy about a fighter not being paid coz he’s been accused of throwing the title fight. that you?”

“@andremelanio @MiddleEasy I had been accused of throwing the Lesnar fight, Not sure if that s why they did not pay me,” wrote Carwin in response.

The fight in question took place on July 3, 2010 and featured Carwin going up against Brock Lesnar for his UFC heavyweight title. After Carwin clearly earned a 10-8 first round by stinging Lesnar with punches, forcing him to cover up and just do his best to survive, “The Engineer” gassed out and was unable to mount an offense in the second — or stop Lesnar’s. The champ got Carwin to the mat quickly and proceeded to choke out the challenger with an arm triangle at 2:19 in the second round. contacted Carwin’s management over the situation, who said that, if their client was caught up in such a “ridiculous” situation, it would be handled in court.