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“UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie” Two-Disc Set Coming May 10th On Blu-ray And DVD

Considered the most important fighter in mixed martial arts history, Royce Gracie is a legend in the sport he helped define. The UFC announced that on May 10, Anchor Bay Entertainment will release UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie, a two-disc tribute to this UFC Hall of Fame member containing his most memorable fights and most spectacular submissions.

A captivating look at one of the top UFC fighters of all time, UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie showcases the rise of a man who popularized the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and revolutionized the sport of MMA as we know it. Holding the record for most submission wins in UFC history with 12, the legendary Gracie blazed the trail for the modern day warriors who grace the Octagon.

“He is the godfather. He is the man who started it all and we all bow down and kiss the ring of Royce Gracie,” said UFC President Dana White. “He kick-started the entire sport of mixed martial arts.”

The disc set shows the progression of Gracie, starting with the very first UFC event, UFC 1, where he defeated three opponents in one night. Gracie would go on to defeat four opponents in UFC 2 making him the most imposing competitor on the scene. Gracie’s fights with Ken Shamrock, Kimo Leopoldo, Kazushi Sakuraba and many more are contained in this collection.

UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie features collectible packaging that includes a book with images, quotes and biography. With Spanish commentary and nearly six hours of content, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie will be available on Blu-ray and DVD.