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“Shogun” Rua “Bummed Out” Over Loss To Jon Jones

Maurício “Shogun” Rua lost the UFC light heavyweight title he briefly held earlier this month when he met 23-year old wunderkind Jon “Bones” Jones in the eight-sided cage.

Coming off of yet another knee surgery and a nearly year-long layoff, Rua was dominated from start to finish by Jones, who landed a brilliant flying knee at the start of the bout that would set the tone for the rest of the night. Jones beat Rua thoroughly with both effective grappling and striking and left the proud Brazilian crumpled on the canvas when all was said and done.

“Shogun” won the belt from Lyoto Machida via knockout on his second try, the first ending in a controversial decision in Machida’s favor. Considering the short amount of time which he held onto the belt and the fashion by which he lost it, Rua is understandably disappointed.

“I’m just bummed out,” Rua told Renzo Gracie during a seminar he taught only days after losing the belt (props to

Rua admitted that it was the early knee that Jones landed that determined the course of the fight, saying that he was hurt by the strike and never fully recovered.

“He hits hard, I took a knee shot early on and was out of it the whole fight,” he said.

The loss dropped Rua’s UFC record to 3-3, though many speculate that his off performances have been the result of the many injuries he’s suffered since signing with the promotion. Rua is a proven champion though and has bounced back from defeat before, his recovery from this loss shouldn’t be any different.