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UFC Fight Night 24: Alex Caceres Vs. Mackens Semerzier

The following quick preliminary card results are from our live coverage of UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Davis. To access our full coverage, click here.

Mario Yamasaki will serve as referee for this featherweight contest.

Round 1: Caceres lands a high kick to start things. Semerzier with a high kick of his own. Caceres with a nice straight left. Semerzier ties him up as he rushes forward and fights for the takedown, which he eventually completes. Semerzier stacking Caceres up against the fence, but Caceres gets to his feet. Semerzier stays on him and gets the takedown again. Semerzier lands a few punches on the ground before Caceres gets to his feet. Semerzier gets him right back down and establishes mount, where he starts teeing off with big punches. Semerzier takes his back and looks to have Caceres in trouble before Caceres tries to buck him off. Semerzier shows great control in hanging on and dragging Caceres back down, eventually locking up the rear naked choke and finishing things. Dominant performance by “Da Menace.”

Mackens Semerzier defeated Alex Caceres via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:18 of Round 1.

Semerzier, “Fifteen years of training for fifteen minutes tonight.”