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Martin Kampmann And Diego Sanchez Talk Rematch Over Twitter

Martin Kampmann lost his second close decision in a row earlier this month when he took on Diego Sanchez at UFC Live 3: Sanchez vs. Kampmann. “The Hitman” and “The Dream” battled back and forth over three very close rounds with Sanchez eventually being awarded the unanimous decision. Prior to that decision loss, Kampmann dropped another hard-to-call split decision to Jake Shields, causing his most recent defeat to sting that much more. In a recent conversation with, Kampmann discussed the fight and indicated his interest in a rematch against Sanchez to right what he believes was an incorrect call on the judges’ part.

“I would love to rematch Diego,” Kampmann said. “I feel I won the first time but I would love to fight him again. If I was him I wouldn’t want the rematch either because imagine how his face would look after the second fight. I would love to beat him up one more time and hopefully not leave it up to the judges this time.”

After reading Kampmann’s interview, Sanchez took to Twitter to offer his rebuttal.

“You really want a direct rematch? I trained no boxing! Zero! I just wrestled my ass off,” he wrote, before going on. “I underestimated your takedown defense and had to resort to my street-fighting loco skills and almost dropped you; I seen your legs. I was not in my best shape.”

“Plus you just lost two in a row,” Sanchez continued. “You need to get a W (and) then we can talk rematch. Your punches had snap to cut but no power.”

Sanchez’s remarks prompted a response by Kampmann and the two engaged in a brief back and forth over Twitter.

“Almost dropped me??? Nah, as far as I remember you where the only one that got dropped. Wise up,” posted Kampmann.

“Watch it again,” Sanchez retorted. “I got hit off balance while jumping in for a hook! (It) in no way dazed me not at all. If I can’t get a better fight (where) a win would move me up the ladder, I would love to fight you again!”

“Let’s make it happen then,” the Dutchman replied.

“If we fight again it will be an even better fight,” Sanchez wrote, getting in the last word. “If it happens it happens you’re always a fun fight.”

The UFC likely wouldn’t have a hard time selling a second meeting between the two considering that their first bout won Fight of the Night honors and both men lost enough blood to paint the whole of the Octagon canvas red.