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Bellator 38 Weigh-In Results

All 18 fighters slated to compete at tomorrow’s Bellator 38 event tipped the scales today. With each televised fighter making weight, BJJ black belt Daniel Gracie, undefeated Tim Carpenter, as well as D.J. Linderman, Raphael Davis, Richard Hale, Nik Fekete, Chris Davis, and Christian M’Pumbu, are all ready to hit the path towards becoming the first Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion and recipient of the $100,000 prize.

Bellator 38 will be broadcast live on Saturday, March 26th at 7 p.m. ET exclusively on MTV2.

The official results of tonight’s weigh-in are as follows:


Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal Fight
Tim Carpenter (205 lbs.) vs. Daniel Gracie (205.2 lbs.)

Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal Fight
D.J. Linderman (205.6 lbs.) vs. Raphael Davis (205.2 lbs.)

Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal Fight
Richard Hale (204.6 lbs.) vs. Nik Fekete (205.4 lbs.)

Light Heavyweight Quarterfinal Fight:
Chris Davis (204.4 lbs.) vs. Christian M’Pumbu (200.6 lbs.)


Will Penn (250.4 lbs.) vs. Blagoi Ivanov (251 lbs.)

Jimmy Van Horn (154 lbs.) vs. Austin Lyons (155.6 lbs.)

Jake Underwood (151.6 lbs.)* vs. Tim Galluzzi (150.4 lbs.)

Brian Albin (205.2 lbs.) vs. Cody Donovan (205.4 lbs.)

Amaechi Oselukwue (183.8 lbs.) vs. Abe Wilson (186.6 lbs.)*

*Abe Wilson and Jake Underwood have two hours to make weight.