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Shogun’s Manager Congratulates Jon Jones, Says Shogun Will Be Back

23-year old Jonny “Bones” Jones made history this past Saturday night at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey after dominating veteran Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in the third round of their championship match to earn the UFC light heavyweight crown. Rua’s manager, Eduardo Alonso, took to the Underground forum and said that they plan to use the defeat as a learning tool, and stated that Shogun showed great courage in defeat this past weekend.

“Even thought he lost the fight and his belt, Shogun Rua showed courage, heart and tried his best in the octagon,” Alonso wrote. “He has all our respect for that, and will always have, making us proud for all that he already did in the past, keep doing and will certainly do in the future. I’m absolutely certain he will make a comeback to the top, cause he has more than enough talent, inteligence and youth to do it. Hard work and dedication on his part, and on all of us, won’t be lacking at all.”

During media promotion for the big fight, Jones had been signing his autographs as “Champion 2011,” which upset Shogun’s camp. Alfonso noted that Jones apologized for his pre-fight antics and showered some praise on the new champion.

“All the credit in the world and all merits goes to Jon Jones and his team. If before the fight he was a prospect, now he is more than a reality, he is the champion. He was better that night, performed leaving no doubts and deserved the win. There are no excuses! Now what’s left is to work hard and start again the way towards the top. To those who found ways to criticize some statements from our team to the press, Jon Jones himself spoke to me in the hotel on the night after the fight, and expresses his admiration for Shogun and appologized for any hype created before the fight that could have offended us, as it was simply part of his thing pre-fight.”

Despite the dominating loss to Jones, Alfonso stated that his client will be back.

“Let’s go to work, Shogun has done it before, he can and will do it again.”