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Scott Coker Talks Alistair Overeem Vs. Cain Velasquez

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker recently appeared on HDNet’s Inside MMA where he spoke with MMA legend Bas Rutten in depth about the recent Strikeforce buyout by the UFC’s parent company Zuffa, LLC. Coker first addressed the topic of cross-promotional super fights between Strikeforce and the UFC’s best, namely a very appealing bout between the two promotion’s respective heavyweight champions: Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem.

“Alistair is our champion, he’s our guy,” said Coker. “I’ve followed his career since he was in Pride. Cain’s a good wrestler, becoming a better striker. That would be a fun fight to watch, but I’ve got to take Alistair because he’s our champion.”

It still remains unclear as to when fans will start to see these kind of super fights, but it’s hard to imagine that it will take too terribly long considering the amount of excitement for the prospect by fans and fighters alike. Alistair Overeem displayed that eagerness recently when he spoke with, revealing his interest in fight Velasquez.

“Alistair Overeem (strikeforce champion) vs Cain Valasquez (UFC champion) sounds good to me on PPV, we are ready to fight anybody under the right conditions!” Overeem wrote, adding later that he desires a fight with Velasquez because he “always look(s) for the challenge.”

With the when and the where still very much up in the air, the MMA world is left simply to drool over prospective match ups between the likes of Overeem and Velasquez, Nick Diaz and George St. Pierre or Gilbert Melendez and Frankie Edgar while Zuffa figures out how they’re going to navigate the new landscape created by their big purchase and get these fighters in the cage together.