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Video: Rashad Evans Talks Upcoming Bout With Jon Jones

Before the UFC light heavyweight championship belt could even get warm around Jon Jones’ waist after defeating Mauricio “Shougn” Rua at UFC 128 this past weekend, he already has to contend with the challenge of the man he once described as an “older brother,” Rashad Evans. Evans appeared in the Octagon minutes after Jones’ title victory to shake his former training partner’s hand and confirm their impending fight.

The tension was palpable and it became clear immediately that things will likely never be the same between Evans and Jones and that their situation could possibly drive a spike through the long-standing relationship between Grudge Training Center in Colorado and Jackson’s MMA in New Mexico. Part of that process has already begun, as a clearly agitated Evans has severed ties with his longtime coach Greg Jackson as a result of its booking.

Evans spoke to Karyn Bryant about facing his former team-mate, you can check out the interview below:

Thanks to Mark Wayne for contributing to this article.