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Alistair Overeem Expected UFC’s Purchase Of Strikeforce, Wants Bout With Cain Velasquez

Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem counts himself among the fighters who welcome Zuffa’s recent purchase of the Strikeforce promotion, as it will likely eventually open up the door for the great cross-promotional match ups for which fans have been clamoring.

Overeem spoke with recently about the big buyout, what it means for him and what dream match up he most desires out of the deal.

“Well I expected it for a while now, I think it will create more possibilities for pay-per-view,” Overeem said of Zuffa’s purchase. “The champion of Strikeforce vs. champion of UFC? The build up can be done on several USA TV channels. Zuffa has the money and power to do this and they are not shy in getting what they want. They prove that their model is the profitable model, so who are we to point fingers or have commentary on how they should conduct business?”

As with UFC president Dana White and seemingly everyone else close to the situation, Overeem is keeping his cards close to the vest on whether or not he plans on moving to the UFC.

“Already signed up John Olav Einemo two weeks ago, this was before Zuffa bought Strikeforce. I have a good relationship with the UFC, but our main territory has always been Japan and Europe,” he said. “As of lately Golden Glory is focusing more and more on the USA. So expect ‘GG’ fighters in Strikeforce and UFC, that’s what the fight game is all about!”

Ask Overeem what fight outside of Strikeforce he most desires though, and he is quick to name the currently-standing UFC heavyweight champion.

“I always look for the challenge so my answer is Cain Velasquez,” said Overeem.

“The Reem” is currently scheduled to face the first man to defeat Fedor Emelianenko, Fabricio Werdum this June 18 at the aptly titled Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum