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Brock Lesnar Looking To Carve A Path Back To The Belt

After Brock Lesnar lost his UFC heavyweight championship to Cain Velasquez this past October, many speculated that he would be retiring from the sport of MMA. Those rumors were proven unfounded when Lesnar took the job as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter opposite Junior dos Santos; in fact, the former NCAA Division-1 standout seems as motivated as ever to reclaim the heavyweight strap.

“I just suffered a huge loss; that’s fighting,” said Lesnar in a video promoting TUF 13. “That’s the name of the game, that’s the world. As the world turns, people win, people lose; get your ass back on the saddle and ride into town again.”

Lesnar is looking to share these kind of lessons with his team of fighters – since they will be existing in as competitive and cutthroat an environment as there is in MMA – in addition to imparting upon them the knowledge of how to be better competitors.

“A lot of these kids, they’re here because they want a better life. They want to provide a better living for their family,” he said. “They want to be a fighter, just like me. We’ve got six, seven weeks with these kids to try to get them to execute and win fights, and they’re not all going to win, that’s the beauty of it.”

As for his own return to competition (which will come against opposing coach Junior dos Santos early this Summer), Lesnar has only one goal in mind: to take out anyone standing between him and the heavyweight title.

“This guy’s in my way, and that’s the only thing I give a sh*t about,” he said. “He’s in my way to get my title back. I was, and I will be again, the UFC heavyweight champion of the world.”