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Dana White Talks Silva-St. Pierre “Fantasy Fight”: They Don’t Turn Down Fights

Once the seed was planted, there was nothing anyone could do to quell the tide of speculation over a possible superfight between UFC kingpins Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre.

The prospect of seeing the sport’s two best pound-for-pound fighters square off is more than enticing, so it is no surprise that fans and the MMA media are unable to drop the subject. It also comes as no surprise that that same contingent has become worried that they will never see the fight for St. Pierre’s recently expressed trepidations over moving up in weight. Speaking with’s Ariel Helwani recently on a number of topics, UFC president Dana White addressed the bout and assured that, should the stars align, there is no way that either man would turn down such a great challenge.

“Georges St. Pierre has never turned down a fight in all the years that I’ve known him and neither has Anderson Silva,” said White. “The one thing about this fight – and I keep saying this, and people just don’t seem to get it – it’s fantasy. This fight’s a fantasy fight. Other things have to happen before this fight can even be talked about. So, do I think that if all the stars line up and everything works out perfect and everything’s right, that Georges St. Pierre won’t fight Anderson Silva or Anderson Silva wouldn’t fight Georges St. Pierre? There’s no way. Both guys would absolutely take that fight.”

As far as what stars need aligning before the fight can be made, White said that first and foremost St. Pierre must get past his upcoming title defense against Jake Shields and, depending on how the timetable sorts out, that Silva may have to face current number one middleweight contender Yushin Okami.

“Maybe the Okami fight does happen,” White said. “It’s a fantasy fight! We’ll see what happens. Georges St. Pierre definitely has to beat Jake Shields, that has to happen. If that doesn’t happen, then it doesn’t matter what happens after that.”

St. Pierre and Shields square off in the main event of UFC 129, which goes down this April 30 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.