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Dana White Denied Bisping Win Bonus For Rivera Incident

Dana White has made good on his promise to somehow punish Michael Bisping for “The Count’s” lack of decorum during and after his UFC 127 co-main event against Jorge Rivera.

Fired up by a weeks-long YouTube defamation campaign aimed his way by Rivera, Bisping cut a little too loose when it came time for the two to settle their differences in the cage. In addition to landing a questionable and possibly fight-altering illegal knee to a downed Rivera, “The Count” fired a volley of insults at Rivera post-fight and saliva at one of his cornermen. White had indicated that he would be disciplining Bisping for the behavior and recently explained to’s Ariel Helwani exactly what he did to make the Brit see the error in his ways.

“I talked to Mike. Listen, I like Michael Bisping, I’ve known him for a long time. I did season three of ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ When you meet the guy – is Mike Bisping cocky? Yes he is. He’s a f**king professional fighter! What he did was – at the end of the day, I’m not the athletic commission. The athletic commission are the ones who impose fines and all these other things,” White said. “What I did to Michael Bisping – not a lot of people really know, but the fighters know. The fighters who fight for me know exactly what I am saying when I say this: Mike Bisping did not get a bonus. He was not bonused for his fight and believe me that hurts worse than anything else that anybody could have done.”

Bisping has maintained publicly that he didn’t fire off the illegal knee intentionally and that he never spit at Rivera’s cornerman, just near them so that, in Bisping’s words, “he would know what I thought of him.” White told Helwani that Bisping didn’t try to defend himself on those grounds, even though White has made mention on several occasions his belief that Bisping had every intention to both knee a downed Rivera and spit at his cornerman.

“He didn’t even go there with me because I disagree on both of those,” said White. “I think that the knee was intentional and he absolutely meant to spit on that guy. I have never accidentally spit on anyone, ever. Have you?”

As for whether or not White and co. plan on booking a Bisping-Rivera rematch since some believe that the fight’s outcome was significantly altered by the knee, DFW told Helwani that it isn’t likely.

“I don’t know about that,” he said of a rematch. “The only controversy I see in the thing is the way that Michael Bisping carried himself and how he handled himself in the fight.”