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Brendan Schaub Compares UFC/Strikeforce Heavyweight Divisions

Rising UFC heavyweight prospect Brendan Schaub yesterday spoke with on a number of subjects, including the state of Strikeforce’s heavyweight division as compared to that of the UFC.

Schaub didn’t bash Strikeforce’s stable of heavyweight fighters, even asserting that several of them would do well in the UFC, but he did say that until they actually compete in the UFC, it’s hard to consider the two divisions in the same league.

“The only thing they’ve done in the past five years, six years, is come up with this tournament. …I don’t think there’s any comparison,” Schaub said. “The UFC heavyweights, we’re a pretty stacked division with some tough guys – we have a number of guys that could win their tournament. …It’s two different leagues and (Strikeforce) is playing catch up to the UFC. They definitely have some tough guys and there’s a number of their guys who could do very well in the UFC but until they’re in the UFC it doesn’t really matter.”

With today’s announcement that Zuffa, LLC – the UFC’s parent company – has purchased Strikeforce, the possibility of Strikeforce fighters competing in the UFC is much greater than it once was, even if Dana White was adamant that Strikeforce and the UFC will remain separate entities.

At the very least, the pathways for negotiation with fighters have been considerably widened and it is likely that the purchase increases the odds that Strikeforce fighters will enter into the UFC upon the conclusion of their Strikeforce contracts.