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Cyrille Diabate Admonishes Michael Bisping For UFC 127 Behavior

Michael Bisping has always been a love him or hate him kind of guy, ever since he was exposed to a large fan base during his stint as a competitor on season three of The Ultimate Fighter.

Recently, it seems like the scale has shifted in favor of “hate him,” as many people – fans, fighters and promoters alike – have come out of the woodwork to chastise Bisping for his actions during and after his UFC 127 bout against Jorge Rivera. Bisping found himself riled up by Rivera and his sponsor Ranger Up’s silly/insulting YouTube video campaign which was aimed his way and, despite keeping his cool during the lead up to the fight, “The Count” let his emotions get the best of him on the night. In addition to landing a very questionable and possibly fight-altering illegal knee to Rivera’s dome in their co-main event fight, Bisping showered both him and his corner with vulgarities – and spit – after earning a TKO over the older veteran.

You can count UFC light heavyweight fighter Cyrille Diabate among those disgusted by Bisping’s outburst, as he told recently: “I’m not surprised at all (by Bisping’s actions). I’ve had problems with Bisping a few times. He’s a character. He’s very explosive. He tends to act and think after. His actions weren’t a surprise to me as he’s the type of guy that does that sh*t and then regrets it or tries to apologies after.

But his actions have gone by already and he’s hurt peoples’ feelings and he’s shown the public the bad side of the sport. Not even of the sport, but of fighters themselves. We don’t need that kind of publicity. There are so many people bad mouthing MMA as it is that we don’t need those kind of actions.”