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Frankie Edgar Thinks Overtime Rounds In MMA “Would Be Perfect”

UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar recently appeared on ESPN’s MMA Live, where he commented on what he believes would be a beneficial rule change for mixed martial arts.

Edgar’s title run began with a controversial win over then-champion BJ Penn which he then legitimized by defeating “The Prodigy” in their second go around, and most recently featured a sour-sitting draw against the only man to have defeated him, Gray Maynard. Perhaps because of that draw, which many believe he should have won, Edgar asserted that MMA would benefit from the implementation of overtime rounds, similar to how two round draws are dealt with on The Ultimate Fighter reality show.

“I think another five-minute round would be perfect,” said Edgar.

“You go into a fight, you prepare, and you want a decisive outcome. To have to wait another three months and possibly another fight is kind of annoying,” he added. “I would say another round would be great. You get to figure out who’s the winner right then and there. Two guys fighting for a title, they’re trained, prepared. Why not just get it over with right then and there?”

UFC president Dana White has indicated a strong interest in making non-title fight main event bouts five rounders, but has not yet commented on the institution of overtime rounds. Edgar will rematch Maynard this May 28 at UFC 130.