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Paul Daley Looking To “Smash” Nick Diaz In Strikeforce Title Fight

Paul Daley will fight top welterweight and Strikeforce 170lbs. champion Nick Diaz this April, just over a month removed from his destruction of Yuya Shirai at BAMMA 5 and he recently told MMA HQ that, even though he initially considered turning the fight down to have more time to prepare, he’s still confident that he can take Diaz out and take his title in the process.

“Well first I wasn’t going to take it because I wanted some downtime after this training camp but my team spoke about it and we’re confident that we’ve got a good game for this fight and this is the right decision for us,” said Daley. “I’m going to smash him, take his belt then I can take all the time off I want.”

Known for his powerful striking, “Semtex” predicted that Diaz will avoid the striking game with him at the behest of his coaches.

“There’s no way he’ll stand up with me,” he said. “He might think he wants to but his coaches won’t allow it; Cesar Gracie’s a great coach and he won’t want him trading punches.”

As for how he intends to dethrone Diaz, Daley understandably avoided giving any specific details of his gameplan, but did reveal how he pictures things ending up.

“I’m going to smash him within three rounds,” Daley prophesied. “We do have a more complex game plan than that but that’s as simple as I can break it down at the minute.”

Diaz and Daley will meet in the cage this April 9, likely at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California.