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Strikeforce: Rafael Cavalcante Vs. Dan Henderson

The following quick preliminary card results are from our live coverage of Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson. To access our full round-by-round coverage of the main card, click here.

Dan Henderson fighting in his second Strikeforce title fight, having lost to Jake Shields at middleweight in his Strikeforce debut. He earned this title shot by knocking out Renato “Babalu” Sobral in December. “Feijao” making the first defense of his belt, which he won by knocking out Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal in August.

Round 1: Cavalcante scores first with a mean leg kick. Henderson loading up on his right hand, walking “Feijao” down. Cavalcante lands a nice leg kick. Henderson lands his right but Cavalcante responds with one of his own that rocks Henderson. Henderson takes “Feijao” down off of instinct and sits in full guard recovering. The ref stands them up due to inactivity. Henderson presses Cavalcante against the cage but doesn’t do too much with the position. “Feijao” lands a nice elbow and reverses Henderson against the cage. Henderson turns “Feijao” against the cage after they trade knees. Close round but it goes to “Feijao” for landing the more significant strikes. scores the round 10-9 for Cavalcante

Round 2: Henderson tries for the right and lands a left. Henderson pushing forward, trying to land with power. “Feijao” tries fore a takedown but Henderson avoids and presses Cavalcante against the cage. Still not too much offense from Henderson though. He tries for a single leg briefly. “Feijao” looks for a trip and Henderson avoids, then takes “Feijao” down when he tries it again. “Feijao” reverses off of his back and gets into Henderson’s full guard. Cavalcante unable to get much offense going either and the ref stands them up. “Feijao” misses on a high kick. A leg kick lands for Henderson and then he closes the distance with a Superman punch, getting ahold of the champ and fighting him to the ground again. “Feijao” keeping Henderson stifled in half guard. scores the round 10-9 for Henderson

Round 3: Nice leg kick finds a home for “Feijao.” Henderson with a nice right and “Feijao” responds before avoiding a takedown and breaking the clinch. Henderson drops “Feijao” with a big right hand and finishes him off quickly with strikes on the ground.

Dan Henderson defeated Rafael Cavalcante via knockout (punches) at 0:50 of Round 3.

Dan Henderson earns the Strikeforce light heavyweight title and adds another nice knockout to his record. “Feijao” takes the loss well and is gracious in defeat.