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Strikeforce: Marloes Coenen Vs. Liz Carmouche

The following quick preliminary card results are from our live coverage of Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson. To access our full round-by-round coverage of the main card, click here.

Marloes Coenen hoping to make her first title defense a successful one when she takes on Liz Carmouche, who steps in on short notice for an injured Meisha Tate. Carmouche undefeated at 5-0, Coenen sporting more experience, holding a record of 18-4.

Round 1: They come out fast early, trading leg kicks. Carmouche moving well, Coenen lands a good leg kick. Then a good straight right as Carmouche tries a kick. Coenen goes high with a kick and clips Carmouche. Then she tags Carmouche as she tries to rush in with a combo. Coenen using her reach well, countering Carmouche’s kicks with punches and stopping her from effectively closing the distance with kicks and stiff punches. A high kick from Coenen almost finds a home. Carmouche with a nice overhand right. They clunch and Carmouceh gets Coenen against the cage. Coenen swelling under her right eye. They fight for position against the cage, trading foot stomps. The ref separates them. Coenen still looking for the head kick. Coenen gets tagged as she tries for a straight right. carmouche lands well again before Coenen nails her with a push kick. Close round. scores the round 10-9 for Coenen

Round 2: Carmouche lands first with a leg kick but Coenen immediately responds with one of her own. Carmouche pushes forward and gets Coenen against the cage, but Coenen reverses quickly. Carmouche drops for the takedown and Coenen defends well. They hit the cage and Coene looks for the standing guillotine. It looks tight but Carmouche drops down and breaks out of it, now sitting in Coenen’s full guard. Coenen uses the cage to roll for an armbar, but Carmouche avoids, postures up and lands some nice ground and pound. Carmouche passes Coenen’s guard and lands knees to the shoulder from side control. Carmouche really taking the fight to Coenen. Carmouche tries to get full mount, Coenen looks to grab her ankle but Carmouche avoids, establishes mount and starts to pound away. Carmouche beating Coenen down as the round closes. scores the round 10-8 for Carmouche

Round 3: Carmouche goes for the takedown early, bullying Coenen into the fence. They battle for position, with both women periodically landing strikes. It’s been a clinch battle so far, and Coenen is starting to land some nice knees. Carmouche gets the takedown, despite Coenen grabbing the cage. Carmouche gets full mount relatively easily. Coenen trying to fight her off but Carmouche showing a solid base and staying on top, firing away with ground and pound. Carmouche beating Coenen down thoroughly here. scores the round 10-9 for Carmouche

Round 4: Carmouche looks for the takedown but Coenen reverses it and lands in Carmouche’s guard. Carmouche looking to work the rubber guard and is staying busy with kicks from her back. Coenen tries for ground and pound but Carmouche isn’t having it. She gets up and takes Coenen down and the champ starts looking for the triangle. Carmouche taps and Coenen keeps her belt.

Marloes Coenen defeated Liz Carmouche via submission (triangle choke) at 1:29 of Round 4.

Carmouche gracious in defeat, pledging to improve for her next time out. Coenen admits that Carmouche was beating her up and predicts that she will be a champion one day.