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UFC 127: BJ Penn Vs. Jon Fitch

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch. To access our full coverage, click here.

Jon Fitch walks out grimacing to Johnny Cash. He gives a good barbarian yell inside the cage. The crowd cheers Penn as he comes out to his regular Hawaiian jam, looking fired up. The two pace across from one another in the cage. Herb Dean is the third man in the cage for this bout. They touch gloves in the middle.

Round 1: Penn comes hot out of the gate and shoots for a takedown. Fitch defends against the cage and they trade knees. Penn pressing Fitch against the cage and Fitch turns it around. Fitch drops for a takedown of his own. Fitch breaks and throws a combination before dropping low for a takedown again. Penn avoiding for now. Penn avoids a combination, lands one of his own and then gets a takedown on Fitch. Penn takes Fitch’s back with both hooks in. He’s got the body triangle secured with two minutes left. The two are fighting for control and Penn retains back control until Fitch turns into his guard against the cage. Fitch with some ground and pound against the cage. Penn pushes Fitch off and they are back to their feet against the cage. Fitch pressing Penn against the cage, Penn scoring with nice dirt boxing. scores the round 10-9 for Penn

Round 2: Fitch with a high kick and Penn returns with a knee, then Fitch lands a takedown. Penn gets to his feet. Fitch pressing BJ against the cage. He breaks, throws a combo and then dives back in for a takedown. Penn avoiding and landing with nice elbows. Fitch breaks with a nice combination and goes right back into the clinch. Fitch bleeding. Penn reverses off of the cage and briefly drops for the takedown. They break on a combination. Penn pushes forward and lands a clean takedown. Penn takes Fitch’s back again. Fitch reverses again, exactly as in the first round. Fitch throwing ground and pound from the top and Penn is having more trouble getting Fitch off of him. Penn gets up at the bell. scores the round 10-10

Round 3: Close fight so far. Fitch lands a big right hand early and follows it up with a takedown. Penn pushes him off but Fitch gets him back down briefly again. Fitch trying to take Penn’s back standing. Penn looks to be slowing down, as many of Fitch’s opponents do under his grinding assault. Fitch working away with ground and pound up top. The crowd getting restless as Fitch settles in. Penn having more difficulty getting Fitch off of him and is now getting beat on. These are the kind of poundings that Penn usually doesn’t come back from. Fitch has him balled up and dominated. The round is winding down, just over a minute to go, and Penn unable to do anything at all from his back. Fitch wins the fight in this third round, thirty to go and Penn looks wilted. scores the round 10-8 for Fitch

The cage is showered with boos.

Jon Fitch and BJ Penn fought to a majority draw (29-28, 28-28, 28-28)

Fitch says that BJ caught him completely off balance with his wrestling-centric gameplan. Fitch a little sour about the decision. A dejected Penn says he thinks he lost the fight and that he expected the decision to go Fitch’s way. Penn indicates that he didn’t know what he was going to do with his career if he lost, but that he would give Fitch another go if he wanted to rematch.