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Despite Earlier Reports, Fedor Will Not Compete In Weekend Sambo Tournament

After the sting of his eye-smashing loss at the giant mitts of Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva wore off, Russian MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko became eager to compete again. Reports surfaced that “The Last Emperor” would be ignoring the 90-day suspension he was handed by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board for the damage he sustained to his eye in the Silva fight by competing in a sambo tournament in St. Petersburg, Russia. Emelianenko’s management company, M-1 Global, even issued a statement assuring his participation in the tournament.

Ignoring a commission’s suspension, whether medical or punitive, often has dire effects for a fighter. According to a recent conversation that had with NJSACB legal counsel Nick Lembo, a fighter who does not heed a medical suspension will have his license revoked for up to a year and will likely be banned from competing in states with athletic commissions, relegating the fighter to international and usually less reputable fights.

Lembo discussed Emelianenko’s situation with MMAJunkie and revealed that he has been informed by “The Last Emperor’s” camp that Fedor will honor the NJSACB’s suspension and will not compete this weekend.

“There was some confusion since it was the first time they were dealing with a commission-issued medical suspension, and the confusion surrounded whether the 90 days stays in effect if he provided a clear CT scan of the head and facial bones,” said Lembo. “He has provided the required CT scan, and that’s under medical review.”

He added, “It’s my understanding that they are going to honor the suspension and he is not going to compete.”

Confirming that was M-1 Global’s director of operations Evgeni Kogan, who told ESPN, “Fedor is observing the [NJSACB’s] 90-day suspension, and will not compete at the Russian Combat Sambo champs over the weekend.”

Emelianenko has indicated that he is interested in competing again in Strikeforce, but it is not yet known when or against whom he will return to the cage.