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Rashad Evans Replies To Dana White’s Criticism

Rashad Evans has been dealt a weak hand.

“Suga” was forced out of his planned title shot against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua–which he sat on the shelf for a year to get–after suffering a knee injury in training, and was subsequently replaced in that bout by his younger teammate Jon Jones. To literally add insult to injury, UFC president Dana White opted not to book what would be a high-profile re-grudge-match between Evans and his rival Quinton “Rampage” Jackson because, as he recently told USA Today, he considers their first fight boring.

“Talking’s fun before the fight, but if you do all this talking and then you go in there and don’t fight, who wants to see that (crap) again?” White said. “Rampage-Rashad, the (freaking) snoozefest? I don’t want to see that (freaking) fight again.”

Evans recently spoke with’s Ben Fowlkes and responded to those comments, saying that he respects White’s honesty but disagrees with the UFC boss’ take on his fight with “Rampage” as well as the fight that “Rampage” will have with the opponent White chose instead, Matt Hamill.

“Dana White says what he says, and one thing you can always appreciate him for is his honesty,” Evans told MMAFighting. “I guess sometimes his honesty doesn’t favor me, but that’s fine. That’s okay. He can say our fight was boring, but I have a different perspective being in the fight. There was a lot of points in that fight where my heart rate got up a little bit, so I could never agree that that fight was boring. He says a Hamill fight would be more exciting? I mean, we’ll see. Hamill has pretty much the same style that I have, so we’ll see if Hamill’s able to make it more exciting than I was. If he’s saying it was boring because of me, I don’t understand that. I watched the Machida and Rampage fight, and that fight was pretty boring to me.”

“Rampage” and Hamill will fight this May 28th at UFC 130, while there is currently no return date on the books yet for Evans.