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Frankie Edgar On Dropping To Featherweight, Gray Maynard Rubber Match

UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar’s run as lightweight champ has been remarkable in that he has been listed as the underdog in two defenses since challenging and defeating BJ Penn for the belt back in April of 2010.

Part of that is because he was facing a legend considered to be at the top of his game in Penn and the only man to hold a defeat over himself in Gray Maynard, but also because Edgar is one of the smallest lightweights in the division. Though Edgar retained his belt through his most recent title defense, against Maynard, the fight ended in a draw, prompting the UFC to schedule a rubber match for this May 28th and some to suggest Edgar drop to featherweight. In a recent interview with, Edgar discussed that upcoming match and addressed those suggestions.

“I’m not considering it right now with this fight looming with Gray, but I probably can make 145lbs,” Edgar said of dropping to featherweight. “It’s definitely a good option to have with the UFC acquiring the featherweight division now; there are some good potential match-ups for me at that weight class. Who knows how I’ll fare at 145 though. Just because you’re going down doesn’t mean you’re going to be dominant. I will be cutting weight, I will be giving up speed, but I will be gaining size, so there are a lot of ways you have to look at it.”

As far as his upcoming rematch with Maynard, Edgar plans to do his best in training to cultivate skills that will throw Maynard for a loop come fight night.

“I think you always make minor changes whether you won a fight, lost a fight, or have a different opponent,” Edgar said. “I fought him twice so it does have a bit of a different dynamic; I’m going to try to give him a few different problems than I did last time. It’s going to take my whole team to come up with a solid game plan and to make solid adjustments.”

Edgar and Maynard will face off for the third time this May 28th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC 130.