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Michael Bisping Aiming To Show Rivera He’s Out Of His League

Jorge Rivera has crafted a series of YouTube videos with the help of his sponsor Ranger Up, with the sole purpose of the videos being to get under Michael Bisping’s skin prior to their UFC 127 bout this weekend. In a piece he wrote recently for the Manchester Evening News, Bisping explained that, while Rivera has not succeeded in getting under his skin, “Él Conquistador” has done enough to drastically increase his desire to punch him in the face.

“I’m now counting down the days and hours before I shove the boasts of Jorge Rivera back down his throat and show him just how well-rounded a fighter I am,” Bisping said. “I’ve been waiting for this moment since the end of last year and it’s now extremely satisfying to know it is just around the corner. More than that, though, I’m excited to now be given the chance to shut Rivera up once and for all and highlight just how far out of his league he is. The old man has been doing a lot of trash-talking ahead of this fight and, while I’ve been fairly quiet and reserved, it’s now time to take it all out on him this Saturday (February 26).”

“The Count” explained that he has held back from engaging in a war of words with Rivera because he intends to let his performance in the cage Saturday night speak for itself, a performance which he hopes will showcase that he deserves to be considered amongst the best in the weight class.

“He’s a 38-year-old journeyman that has been around forever and never been the champion. That is the reality of the situation,” Bisping said. “If I have any desire to win the middleweight belt, I need to be running through someone like Rivera and beating him in style. He’s tough, experienced and I respect his longevity and pride, but I need to be beating guys like this.”

Though Bisping readily offers Rivera his respect, he also admits enthusiasm at the prospect of taking out the frustration generated by Rivera’s videos by legally assaulting him for sport.

“The aim is to make Rivera feel out of depth and then silence him,” he said. “When a man talks as much rubbish as Rivera, there is no greater pleasure…”