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Paul Daley On Possible Bout With Nick Diaz: “He’s Never Fought A Striker Like Me”

Daley UK welterweight slugger Paul “Semtex” Daley will be fighting Japanese mixed martial artist Yuya Shirai this Saturday night for the BAMMA welterweight championship. Provided he not lose in that bout, Daley will likely be the next man to challenge Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz for his belt. In a recent interview on MMAWeekly Radio, Daley discussed the higher-profile fight with Diaz, a fighter he respects but plans on starching.

“I think his boxing is phenomenal. He’s a great striker and he’s a guy that comes to fight,” Daley said of Diaz. “It was a great display of that in that fight. He was fighting with ‘Cyborg’ standing up, ‘Cyborg’ took him down, and he carried on fighting and submitted him. As a fighter, Nick Diaz is phenomenal.”

Known for turning his opponent’s lights off with lead-lined hands, Daley believes that, however formidable Diaz’s stand up game may be, it is no match for his own.

“Although he’s fought a lot of guys standing up, he’s not fought me,” he said. “I don’t mean to be arrogant and I don’t mean to continue piping on about it, but I’m a whole different animal when it comes to the stand-up game and I’ve continued to get better.”

Also known for his rapid-fire mouth, Daley told MMAWeekly that not only will their fight be an interesting, exciting one, but the lead up between the two notorious trash talkers will also provide fireworks.

“I don’t do it for publicity when I say his expiry date’s going to be up, that’s genuinely how I feel. I think the build-up could be interesting,” Daley said. “I think if Diaz lets his mouth flow away with him, I think it could be quite entertaining.”

Before Daley can test his hands against Diaz, he must emerge victorious from his BAMMA 5: Daley vs. Shirai fight, which goes down this Saturday at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England.