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Fedor’s Coach Refutes “Mind Control” Claims

So, the MMA media ran a little wild with an earlier report which had Fedor Emelianenko’s coach Vladimir Voronov blaming his star pupil’s most recent loss on some sort of illegal mind control technology. Turns out, those Russians might not be as crazy as everyone though, as Voronov recently spoke with (props to and revealed that he never made those allegations and that the entire quote was fabricated.

“I was really surprised by these reports. First of all, I never gave any interviews after the fight,” Voronov claimed. “We were on our way out of the airport, when a boy approached me asking about Fedor’s health. I answered that Fedor feels alright, and will continue to compete in MMA. So he said that it seemed like Fedor didn’t feel so good. I answered that maybe it only seems so, and maybe Fedor doesn’t feel so well (laughing). Then, by these two phrases this lad, who even didn’t say who he was, came to a conclusion that I was talking about some sort of hypnosis. It’s a total bullsh*t.”

In hindsight, it seems pretty outlandish that anyone would truthfully blame a fighter’s loss on illegal mind control technology. This may have been an instance where the MMA world’s latent frustration with M-1 Global was released via article after hilarious article chiding Fedor’s coach and camp over their silly belief in mind control.

The story was good for a laugh but it is quite possible that the MMA world has just been trolled by a quote too ridiculous to pass by.