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Georges St. Pierre Grappling With Nerves Ahead Of UFC 129

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has never been one to act the tough guy or to pretend that his mental state remains ironclad prior to a big fight. “Rush” has been open and honest about employing a sports psychologist in the past in order to shore up some of his mental weaknesses and the French-Canadian dynamo has remained honest while dealing with some of the psychological pitfalls which face many pro fighters.

Being a champion of the caliber that he is, St. Pierre must frequently keep himself humble in the face of the great expectations heaped on his shoulders. As it stands, he is currently preparing to defend his welterweight title against a very seasoned competitor in Jake Shields but all anyone is talking about is a possible super fight with Anderson Silva that will likely materialize should St. Pierre defeat Shields.

In a recent interview with, St. Pierre admitted his overwhelming nervousness for his upcoming fight due to the reminiscence of the conditions surrounding his fight with Shields to those which existed when he lost his title to Matt Serra, a huge underdog, by knockout in 2007 at UFC 69.

“With Jake Shields, I’m very nervous for this fight. I have goosebumps, more than ever before,” St. Pierre said. “I have the flash of what happened with Matt Serra and I don’t want it to happen again. I’m fighting the most dangerous guy I have ever fought and it’s going to be a very tough fight.”

Check out the video of St. Pierre’s admission below and see for yourself if you think the nerves will defeat one of the best fighters to have graced a cage before he steps in to face the real threat in Jake Shields.