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Rich Franklin Follows Through With UFC 126 Bet, Gets Tattoo

Apparently Rich Franklin took the loser-gets-tattooed talk from UFC 126 seriously.

Franklin and Forrest Griffin joked last month that the loser of their UFC 126 bout would get tattooed, since neither fighter had ever been inked. Griffin joked that the loser should get a “big, flaming dragon tattoo, or something just hideous.”

Griffin defeated Franklin via unanimous decision at the event and Franklin’s manager, JT Stewart, told that the former UFC middleweight champion followed through and got a dragon tattoo on his back.

“I tried to talk him into getting Forrest on his ankle. He said no,” said Stewart.

Griffin was surprised that Franklin went through with the bet, stating that he didn’t even know that it was official.

“I don’t believe it,” Griffin told MMA Fighting. “We didn’t even shake hands on it. I definitely would not be getting it if I lost. I’d be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, of course,’ but then if I lost, you would have to knock me out to get me in that chair.

“If he really gets it, I’ll pay for his tattoo removal,” he continued. “I did get the win [bonus] money. I got a couple extra bucks so I guess I can take care of it if he wants to get rid of it.”

You can watch the original UFC 126 bet talk below: