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Twitter Fight! Forrest Griffin Vs. Tito Ortiz

Mixed martial arts has become inextricably tied to social media. Whether it be the myriad of forums, Facebook or Twitter, direct connection to fighters and MMA personalities is only ever a click away, which is a sport-specific and fantastic thing. These mediums also provide a steady stream of entertainment to the masses, as is evidenced in UFC light heavyweights Forrest Griffin and Tito Otiz’s recent Twitter quarrel.

Griffin rang the bell for round one by issuing this message via his Twitter account: “I am the new Tito: bitch about injuries after every fight win or lose, hold guys down as much as possible, never finish a fight -check all boxes.”

Ortiz quickly fired back, “Hey go f*ck yourself! run forest run like a bitch! never defended a world title!, been KTFO!, runs out the cage like a bitch! Check all the above!”

Griffin responded by downplaying Ortiz’s reign as UFC 205 lbs. champ with his trademark snarkiness.

“You mean like defend it like 5 times over 3 years? Naw sounds like a lot of work. People forget quick,” wrote Griffin.

In addition to pulling the classic faux-apology to “Sike!” move, Ortiz defended himself and his legacy to end the bickering, for now.

“The longest reigning LHW champ and longest competing UFC fighter.- Tito Ortiz,” he posted. “My career was tarnished by lies but my name will live forever!”

Griffin and Ortiz have fought twice, splitting things down the middle at 1-1. Ortiz first defeated Griffin via controversial split decision back in 2006 and then Griffin took out Ortiz in similar fashion in 2009.