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Antonio Silva’s Camp Responds To Mind Control Allegations From Fedor’s Camp

Turns out those of us who wrote off claims made by Fedor Emelianenko’s coach Vladimir Voronov to the effect that mind-altering psychological warfare was used to cause his charge to succumb to defeat last weekend against Antonio Silva may have jumped the gun.

Silva’s manager and translator Alex Davis recently admitted to committing the nefarious deed through a post on The Underground MMA forum.

“Jeez!! I got cought! I will have to come out with the truth now! I hired a Macumbeiro ( Brazilian wicth dr) and we killed a black chicken on the cross roads,” Davis wrote. “After this,over a few beers, I showed the witch Dr Fedors fights, and he was worried that a chicken wouldnt be anough, so we went out and killed a black goat , just to make sure! Very potent stuff! Realy messed Fedors brain waves up!”

Davis explained why he and his cohorts chose to rely on folk medicine to get the job done rather than resort to perhaps more efficient, technologically-oriented means.

“We wanted to try that other military stuff Voronov is talking about,but its expensive technology and we were broke! The chicken and the goat came out way cheaper,” he posted. “Witch Dr is a friend, did it for a few beers and an autograph!”

Man, in these tough economic times, it sure pays off to know a witch doctor when you need to implement psychological warfare in order to get your client/friend a win over one of the sport’s legends.