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Fedor’s Retirement Not Set In Stone, Wanted “Bigfoot” Bout To Go On

It turns out MMA fans may not have seen the last of “The Last Emperor” just yet, as has translated messages which Fedor Emelianenko posted to his newly activated Twitter account which indicate his desire to continue competing despite losing two in a row.

Emelianenko was defeated for what most consider to be the second legitimate time in his MMA career last Saturday night, by Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in the opening round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. Though the first round was competitive, Silva was able to use his size advantage in the second frame to hold the Russian fighter down and pound on his face until his eye became mangled, prompting the ringside doctor to halt the fight in between the second and third rounds. Emelianenko briefly discussed the stoppage through Twitter.

“I would have liked to continue to fight,” Emelianenko wrote. “The doctor did everything possible, but it did not (continue) unfortunately.”

What most people were talking about following the fight was the fact that a dejected Emelianenko indicated post-fight his probable retirement, but Fedor fans everywhere should breathe a half-sigh of relief, as it now seems that “The Last Emperor” is not quite so ready to call it quits.

“In regards to continuation of my career, we will decide very soon. It’s in God’s hands,” he wrote.

Though Fedor’s career future is still unwritten, the fact that his orbital bone was not broken during his fight with Silva could mean that he could fulfill a role as a tournament alternate, which Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker alluded to as being a possibility during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour.