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Strikeforce: Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Antonio Silva

The following is from our live coverage of Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva. To access our full coverage, click here.

Heavyweight Grand Prix quarterfinal bout
Fedor Emelianenko vs. Antonio Silva

Round 1: Crowd is going crazy for Fedor at the start. Fedor comes in with an overhand right. Fedor comes in swinging again. Fedor landed a couple of punches, but managed to get caught with a counter. Silva clinched Fedor against the cage, and landed some knees to the legs. They were quickly separated and Fedor came in with an overhand right and started teeing off again. Silva caught Fedor with a big right that forced Fedor to back off. Silva pressed Fedor against the cage, Fedor had Silva in a headlock and Silva took the fight to the ground, but Fedor got on top and quickly got back to his feet. Fedor landed some punches from the top and got in Silva’s guard and got some ground and pound. He went for a kimura but Silva quickly escaped and both fighters got back to their feet. Silva pegged Fedor with a straight right and pressed Fedor against the cage. Silva landed several punches and took Fedor to the ground and stayed on top as the round ended. scores the round 10-9 for Silva.

Round 2: Fedor went for a big overhand right at the start of the round but Silva ducked and took Fedor to the ground. Silva managed to land some punches from the top while in Fedor’s guard. Silva got side control and north-south, before switching to the other side and getting mount. Silva started landing some big hammerfists and Fedor turned around, and Silva went for the rear-naked choke. Silva got back in mount and continued to land big punches and went for the rear-naked choke again, but was unable to secure it. Silva got back into mount and continued to drop hammerfists. He then went for an arm triangle, but Fedor was able to eventually escape. Silva kept busy on top and then went for a knee bar. Fedor went for a leglock of his own and Silva motioned that he wasn’t being hurt as the round ended. Dominant round for Silva. scores the round 10-8 for Silva.

Fedor’s right eye is swollen shut and referee Dan Miragliotta has called a stop to the fight.

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva defeated Fedor Emelianenko via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) at 5:00 of Round 2.

After the bout, Silva showed respect and bowed to Fedor. Silva was in tears as the decision was read. Silva was annoyed that he was overlooked in this fight. He thanked his team, and gave his respect once again to Fedor.

Fedor said that something went wrong from the beginning of the fight, and said that it may now be time to leave. When asked if it was his last time in the cage, he responded, “Yes, maybe it’s high time… Maybe it’s god’s will.” He went on to thank the fans for their support and thanked god.