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Dana White Talks GSP-Silva, Lists Canada As Likely Location

Even though UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has one of his stiffest tests to date standing in front of him this weekend in Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort, people can’t help but discuss the tantalizing prospect of a super fight between Silva and UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

UFC president Dana White addressed the possibility of that dream fight in a recent conversation with, speculating himself as to where the fight would be held and what it would mean for the two fighters’ legacies.

“When you start thinking about an Anderson Silva-GSP fight, you could do that anywhere,” White said. “But it would be tough not to do the thing in Canada.”

Before White and company can begin scouting venues for what would likely be the biggest fight in UFC history, both Silva and St. Pierre have to get past their next title defenses. Silva has Belfort in front of him this weekend and St. Pierre is scheduled to take on Jake Shields this April at UFC 129; the outcomes of both of those fights are far from foregone and White is refraining from putting too much energy into the planning of a Silva-St. Pierre super fight until both bouts are in the books.

“We could do Canada, and we could do Brazil, too,” White said. “We could do Las Vegas, and it would be big. We could do Dallas, and it would be big. We could do the Staples Center, and it would be big. There are so many obstacles in the way of this happening. It’s something that’s cool to talk about, but until it becomes a reality, I have no idea what we do or how we do it.”

Should Silva and St. Pierre make successful defenses of their respective belts, White is all for promoting a fight between the two pound-for-pound greats.

“This is one of those dream fights,” White said. “I’d like to do it. If they both win, I think it’s time. As far as their legacies go, it’s huge for both guys.”