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Josh Koscheck Thinks Fight With GSP Could Have Gone Differently

American Kickboxing Academy welterweight standout Josh Koscheck is recovering after undergoing surgery to repair the broken orbital he suffered in his UFC 124 title fight with Georges St. Pierre last December.

The former Ultimate Fighter Season 1 was unable to return home to San Jose, California as a result of the injury; air pockets which formed behind the broken bone made flying a dangerous prospect due to the adverse effects which pressure changes could cause the injury. Koscheck was forced to drive to Boston with his head coach to undergo surgery, and was able to fly back home in time for the holidays. He now finds himself out of action for a minimum of six months as he recovers.

“It’s boring as hell,” Koscheck told “I can see why people want to fight for longer than ever. I’m like, ‘What the hell do I do?'”

Koscheck found himself dominated and unable to mount any significant offense over five rounds in his first-ever title fight. Koscheck says that if if weren’t for the broken orbital, that he believes occurred after the first punch of the bout, the fight could have gone differently.

“Georges beat me fair and square that night,” he admitted. “He’s a better fighter, but I think that the first punch of the fight was when I broke my eye. So I thought that it was definitely bad luck on my behalf. That’s life. He threw the punch, and it was a good punch. I definitely think the fight would have been a lot different if that wasn’t the case.”

Although the loss was the second time he lost to GSP, Koscheck still plans to climb the ladder and become a contender again… eventually.

“I’ll continue to grind and build my way up to being the No. 1 contender and put myself back in the position,” he said. “Right now, that’s so far away for me. I still have five months of recovery.”