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Complaint Filed Against UFC 123 Timekeeper’s Josh Gross is reporting that a formal complaint has been filed by the Michigan state Bureau of Commercial Services in regards to an alleged timekeeping error dating back to UFC 123.

The bout in which the timekeeping error is alleged to have occurred was between UFC middleweight fighters Maiquel Falcao and Gerald Harris. With just under twenty seconds left in the first round, Falcao cinched a rear naked choke on Harris and seemed to be close to ending the fight when the horn sounded signaling the end of the round. When watching the bout on TV, it appears as though the horn is sounded at around the seven second mark according to the on-screen clock.

Daher has the option of setting up a compliance/settlement conference or challenging the allegations through a formal administrative hearing. Possible penalties for the infraction include fine, suspension or license revocation.

Check out the video below to see the time error in question for yourself.