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Brock Lesnar Talks Coaching “The Ultimate Fighter”

Notoriously reclusive UFC heavyweight Brock Lesnar has been drawn out of his Alexandria, Minnesota compound to lay in the limelight for six weeks as a coach on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. The former UFC heavyweight champ did media rounds this week to promote his role on the show (he will coach opposite Junior dos Santos) and to answer many of the questions people have in that regard. (Props to

Some have questioned what Lesnar will be bringing to the table as a coach, considering he has only had seven fights in his mixed martial arts career. In addition to pointing out that he was the UFC heavyweight champion, Lesnar also listed his coaching staff and his wrestling experience as being more than enough to legitimize his coaching position.

“I’ve got just as many fights as Junior, in my mind. I’ve been competing my whole life,” said the fomer NCCA Divison-1 wrestling champ. “I’ve got a great coaching staff, guys that have been coaching top fighters, top wrestlers. Marty Morgan…, Luke Richeson, Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson, ‘Comprido’ [Medeiros], I think we’re well capable of coaching under-qualified guys to become the next ‘Ultimate Fighter.'”

On TUF shows past, some of the coaches have developed a grudge (or nurtured an existing one), and have become hyper-competitive over team standings, often resorting to mind games before all is said and done. A former professional wrestler, Lesnar explained that this isn’t his style and that he plans on maintaining a singleminded focus on the goals he has mapped out for himself, instead ofsparking a grudge with dos Santos.

“I’m here to train, I’m here to get these guys better. Junior dos Santos is a roadblock in my way for me getting my title back and that’s it. I don’t got no beef against Junior, he’s a nice kid, he’s just in my way. …I’m not here to stir any s*** up,” said Lesnar, adding, “I ain’t a mind f***er, I’m an ass kicker. I’m not too much into mind games.”

Lesnar detailed the goals he has in mind, which include imparting all of the MMA knowledge he has to the up-and-coming fighters in the TUF house, as well as preparing himself to eventually reclaim his belt from current champion Cain Velasquez.

“I’ve got one thing in mind for this whole thing, to help these kids, to improve their lives, but more importantly it’s for me to be able to get down here and train. It’s an opportunity for me to get my title back, sooner than later,” he said. “When I beat dos Santos, then I get a rematch with Velasquez and I get my f***ing belt back.”