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Nick Diaz Calls For Respect, Thinks St. Pierre Fight Can Happen

Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz has a place in most top ten welterweight rankings lists, but this was not always the case. After parting ways with the UFC in 2006, many wrote Diaz off in favor of the rising crop of early generation The Ultimate Fighter cast members like Diego Sanchez and Josh Koscheck. During a conference call in promotion of his upcoming title defense against Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos, Diaz took issue with the fact that fighters like Koscheck–and even current welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre–receive more credit than he does. (Props to MMAWeekly)

“I think I got here and started fighting before most of them, including Georges St-Pierre in the UFC,” Diaz said (he made his UFC debut one year prior to St. Pierre and two prior to Koscheck). “I was really mad because they were getting fights and recognition when I was here first. I thought it was first come, first serve. I was working harder and I was here first.”

Diaz pointed to a past experience where he cornered an inexperienced fighter against Koscheck as evidence that hyped fighters like Koscheck had their records padded early on in their careers with easy fights.

“Josh Koscheck, I cornered a guy to fight Josh Koscheck, he probably had two fights in his life, and this fight he was set up to fight Josh Koscheck. They made easy fights for those guys,” Diaz asserted. “This guy’s got like six or seven fights, all easy guys. I never fought anybody like that guy that’s fought against Josh Koscheck. We’ve got some guy who doesn’t even fight, he drinks at a bar, and we took him to fight Josh Koscheck one day. He didn’t even know who he was fighting. I’ve never had fights like that. So when you bring up guys like that to me and tell me they’re the best fighters in the world, it’s a f***in’ joke.”

In addition to claiming that Koscheck is overrated, Diaz explained to the media that he also finds St. Pierre’s spot in the rankings to be undeserved, by virtue of the fact that he is facing overrated fighters like Koscheck.

“Straight up, people think this guy’s better than me and it’s bulls***,” said Diaz in regards to the UFC welterweight champ. “He just fought Josh Koscheck for f***in’ five rounds, I just told you about Josh Koscheck. Why are you saying he’s the best? What is that s***? Because we fight for different companies? I think it’s big enough to where they can get enough money involved where they can organize that show.”

Before Diaz can expose any fighters in the UFC he finds to be overrated, he will have to defend his Strikeforce welterweight belt against “Cyborg” Santos on the 29th of this month at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California.