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Brian Stann Wants Silva Or Bisping, Ready For Title Shot

Greg Jackson-trained middleweight fighter Brian “All American” Stann recently netted the biggest win in his career by taking out iron-jawed Chris Leben by knockout in the first round of their UFC 125 scrap. Stann is looking to build off of that landmark victory (he is one of two people who can claim a knockout win over Leben, the second being UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva) and already has at least two opponents in mind for his climb to the top.

“Hopefully, my next fight will be Wanderlei Silva, who is obviously a legend in the sport, and it would be an honour to fight your guy from the UK, Michael Bisping, an amazing fighter who has truly distinguished himself in the weight class,” Stann recently told The Telgraph’s Gareth A. Davies.

If rumors are to be believed, Stann will likely get his wish and will be taking on Wanderlei Silva once “The Axe Murderer” recovers fully from his recent knee surgery. The reason he so desires a fight with either Bisping or Silva (and the reason he took on Leben) is that he wants to become known as one of the premier fighters in the game.

“I think Bisping will get a title shot,” Stann predicted. “He has proved himself to be an exciting, all-round fighter and has the ranking. Guys like Michael Bisping and Wanderlei have what I want in the sport – the respect and the rankings, and that’s where I want to be. They always put on exciting fights, and that’s very important to the UFC.”

Speaking of title shots, Stann believes that he has what it takes to give current middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva a run for his money and that he isn’t too far away from getting the opportunity to test that hypothesis.

“Yes, I think I have the skills to compete with Anderson Silva,” he asserted. “He is a few levels above the rest of the division and I’m a fight or two away from that. People wonder if I have a ground game, too. I do. It’s just that a lot of fans haven’t seen it.”

What do you think of Stann’s chances against Bisping or the two Silvas? Postulate away in the comments section below.