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Chael Sonnen’s Manager Makes Predictions For His Client’s Future

Embattled UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen recently agreed to take a hiatus from the sport of MMA while he sorts out his personal life, a decision he came to at the urging of UFC president Dana White. Some have called Sonnen’s elected time out a suspension, but the Oregonian’s manager Mike Roberts recently appeared on’s The MMA Hour with host Ariel Helwani where he revealed that Sonnen is in fact not suspended and offered some insight in regards to Sonnen’s future.

“[Sonnen] was never suspended,” Roberts told Helwani. “Dana just thought it would be in Chael’s best interest to get his life together and get everything cleared up in his personal life, that when he comes back to fight, it’s going to be all about the fight.”

Sonnen, a real estate agent in West Linn, Oregon, recently entered a guilty plea in a mortgage fraud case, which alleged that he had organized for the misuse of a loan while brokering a deal over a house. Sonnen will be sentenced March 28th and faces up to twenty years in prison and a $10,000 fine, though he has paid his fine and is expected to serve two years of probation, along with losing his realtor’s license. While it won’t be known for sure what Sonnen’s sentence will be, his manager does not believe that Sonnen will end up in jail.

“I can’t talk anything on the legal stuff honestly, I’m not his lawyer, I have nothing to do that,” Roberts said. “All that stuff is being worked out, but no, I don’t think you’ll see him in jail, but all that stuff is still being worked out.”

Regardless of how things end up turning out for Sonnen, his manager believes strongly that the man who almost beat Anderson Silva is far from hanging up his gloves.

“His career is not over. It’s far from over, I can promise you that,” Roberts said. “This is just going to get Chael more time to get better and when he comes back he’s going to be coming back with full intention of getting that belt.”