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UFC 125: Marcus Davis Vs. Jeremy Stephens

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 125: Resolution. To access our full coverage, check the main page.

Kim Winslow will call this lightweight scrap.

Round 1: A quick touch of the gloves gets things started. Davis looks light on his feet in the early going. A missed punch exchange turns into the two men clinching in the middle of the cage. They break. Davis with a nice one-two. Davis moving very well. Stephens moves in for the clinch, Davis reverses him and gets a nice takedown. They have hit a stalemate against the cage, with Davis in control. Stephens gets to his feet and Davis keeps him bulled into the cage. They break and Davis lands a solid straight left. Davis rocks Stephens with a nice left and runs in for the clinch. Stephens right eye clearly marked up from the punch. Joe Rogan questions Davis’ decision to engage the clinch while his opponent was hurt. scores the round 10-9 for Davis

Round 2: Stephens looks to land with swinging punches, but Davis avoids easily. Stephens with a leg kick. Stephens tries for a jumping knee. Stephens with a good right hook. A one-two lands for Davis. Stephens using kicks well to disrupt Davis’ movement. They clinch briefly and disengage. The action has slowed, with both men trying to find holes in the other’s offense. Davis gets a takedown from the clinch as Stephens looks for a kimura. Davis transitions to side control, but Stephens regains half guard, still working the submission. Davis avoids the submission and is now in Stephens’ full guard. The bell sounds as they get to their feet. scores the round 10-10

Round 3: Stephens looking more aggressive to start the round. Davis content to counter. Stephens shoots and Davis shucks him off. Davis lands another nice left hand. Stephens with a good left hook. Stephesn whiffs on a high kick. Davis using short leg kicks to set up the straight left. Stephens lands a king-hell right hand that immediately goes out and hits the canvas. The follow up, diving right hand was just a formality, Winslow calls it.

Jeremy Stephens defeated Marcus Davis by knockout at 2:33 of Round 3.