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UFC 125; Josh Grispi Vs. Dustin Poirier

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 125: Resolution. To access our full coverage, check the main page.

Steve Mazzagatti is the third man in the cage for this bout.

Round 1: Poirier lands a punch early and a front kick from Poirier disrupts a flying knee from Grispi. Poirier getting the better of the stand up early. They clinch and Grispi jumps into guard briefly as they stand. Grispi abandons that strategy, they are now clinched against the cage. Poirier establishes the Thai clinch and tees off on Grispi. Poirier is teeing off on Grispi, who tries for a takedown, which Poirier reverses. Poirier lands a beautiful front kick, then another which sits Grispi down. Poirier lets him up. Poirier is teeing off on Grispi against the cage. Grispi just shelling up and taking it, doing his best to move away. He tries for a takedown that Poirier avoids and then turns into top position. Grispi looking for a kimura. Grispi isolates the arm with thirty to go, but he loses it. scores the round 10-9 for Poirier

Round 2: They touch gloves and Grispi tries for a body kick. Poirier blasts Grispi with a knee as he shoots for a takedown. Poirier stuffs the takedown and reverses Grispi on the cage. Nice elbow from the clunch by Poirier, who is backing Grispi up with punches again. Grispi looking for the takedown and he gets it, briefly establishing full mount until Poirier reverses it. Grispi looking for the triangle, but Poirier postures out of it. Poirier grabs the muay Thai plum on a clearly damaged Grispi. He starts in with the knees. Grispi shoots for the takedown again but Poirier sprawls. Grispi falls back to guard; they sit against the cage. Grispi goes for the triangle but Poirier slams his way out of it and lands a solid punch. Poirier lets him back up. Grispi has little energy left at this point, unable to do much more than stand in front of Poirier. Poirier gets the clinch and fires away on a cowering Grispi until the bell sounds. scores the round 10-9 for Poirier

Round 3: An inside leg kick starts it for Poirier. Poirier grabs the clinch again but Grispi shakes it off and tries for another takedown. When it is avoided, he rolls for guard, which Poirier wants no part of. He lets his opponent up and grabs the plum again, firing off the knees. They scramble to the mat but Poirier backs off again and grabs the clinch again, landing a nice knee to the face. Grispi grabs a leg off of a knee and turns it into a successful takedown. Grispi transitions to half guard. Poirier reestablishes guard. Grispi gets side control with under a minute to go. Poirier gets full guard back with thirty left. scores the round 10-9 for Poirier

Dustin Poirier defeated Josh Grispi by unanimous decision(30-27, 30-27,30-27)