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“UFC 125: Resolution” Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of UFC 125: Resolution. As always, our live coverage of the main card is brought to you by UFC Internet Pay-Per-View on Yahoo! Sports.

Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena. You can catch the PPV on TV or over the internet at Yahoo! Sports.

Now, on to the action! We’ll have quick match results available for you after each preliminary fight followed by live round-by round coverage of all main card bouts by Mark Wayne of Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results.

Preliminary Card (Non-Televised)

-Jacob Volkmann defeated Antonio McKee via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).

-Daniel Roberts defeated Greg Soto via submission (kimura) at 3:45 Round 1.

-Diego Nunes defeated Mike Brown via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Preliminary (Televised)

Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares

Josh Rosenthal will oversee this bout.

Round 1: They touch gloves to start it off. Tavares fires off a low kick that is checked. He throws a few more which find their mark. Baroni lands a big left hook that floors Tavares. Tavares tries for the takedown but Baroni staves it off and briefly looks for a front choke. He lets it go and takes top position, firing off short punches as he can. Tavares is pressed against the cage. Tavares gets to his feet but Baroni is keeping him pressed against the cage. They separate and Tavares immediately closes the distance and engages the clinch, pushing Baroni against the cage. Low blow by Baroni halts things briefly. They touch gloves and keep going. Tavares with a nice combo. Tavares clips Baroni with a head kick. He rocks Baroni with a right hand and then tees off on him against the cage until “The New York Bad Ass” slumps to the mat and Rosenthal calls the match.

Brad Tavares defeated Phil Baroni by TKO at 4:20 of Round 1.

Josh Grispi vs. Dustin Poirier

Steve Mazzagatti is the third man in the cage for this bout.

Round 1: Poirier lands a punch early and a front kick from Poirier disrupts a flying knee from Grispi. Poirier getting the better of the stand up early. They clinch and Grispi jumps into guard briefly as they stand. Grispi abandons that strategy, they are now clinched against the cage. Poirier establishes the Thai clinch and tees off on Grispi. Poirier is teeing off on Grispi, who tries for a takedown, which Poirier reverses. Poirier lands a beautiful front kick, then another which sits Grispi down. Poirier lets him up. Poirier is teeing off on Grispi against the cage. Grispi just shelling up and taking it, doing his best to move away. He tries for a takedown that Poirier avoids and then turns into top position. Grispi looking for a kimura. Grispi isolates the arm with thirty to go, but he loses it. scores the round 10-9 for Poirier

Round 2: They touch gloves and Grispi tries for a body kick. Poirier blasts Grispi with a knee as he shoots for a takedown. Poirier stuffs the takedown and reverses Grispi on the cage. Nice elbow from the clunch by Poirier, who is backing Grispi up with punches again. Grispi looking for the takedown and he gets it, briefly establishing full mount until Poirier reverses it. Grispi looking for the triangle, but Poirier postures out of it. Poirier grabs the muay Thai plum on a clearly damaged Grispi. He starts in with the knees. Grispi shoots for the takedown again but Poirier sprawls. Grispi falls back to guard; they sit against the cage. Grispi goes for the triangle but Poirier slams his way out of it and lands a solid punch. Poirier lets him back up. Grispi has little energy left at this point, unable to do much more than stand in front of Poirier. Poirier gets the clinch and fires away on a cowering Grispi until the bell sounds. scores the round 10-9 for Poirier

Round 3: An inside leg kick starts it for Poirier. Poirier grabs the clinch again but Grispi shakes it off and tries for another takedown. When it is avoided, he rolls for guard, which Poirier wants no part of. He lets his opponent up and grabs the plum again, firing off the knees. They scramble to the mat but Poirier backs off again and grabs the clinch again, landing a nice knee to the face. Grispi grabs a leg off of a knee and turns it into a successful takedown. Grispi transitions to half guard. Poirier reestablishes guard. Grispi gets side control with under a minute to go. Poirier gets full guard back with thirty left. scores the round 10-9 for Poirier

Dustin Poirier defeated Josh Grispi by unanimous decision(30-27, 30-27,30-27)

Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens

Kim Winslow will call this lightweight scrap.

Round 1: A quick touch of the gloves gets things started. Davis looks light on his feet in the early going. A missed punch exchange turns into the two men clinching in the middle of the cage. They break. Davis with a nice one-two. Davis moving very well. Stephens moves in for the clinch, Davis reverses him and gets a nice takedown. They have hit a stalemate against the cage, with Davis in control. Stephens gets to his feet and Davis keeps him bulled into the cage. They break and Davis lands a solid left hand. Davis rocks Stephens with a nice left and runs in for the clinch. Stephens right eye clearly marked up from the punch. Joe Rogan questions Davis’ decision to engage the clinch while his opponent was hurt. scores the round 10-9 for Davis

Round 2: Stephens looks to land with swinging punches, but Davis avoids easily. Stephens with a leg kick. Stephens tries for a jumping knee. Stephens with a good right hook. A one-two lands for Davis. Stephens using kicks well to disrupt Davis’ movement. They clinch briefly and disengage. The action has slowed, with both men trying to find holes in the other’s offense. Davis gets a takedown from the clinch as Stephens looks for a kimura. Davis transitions to side control, but Stephens regains half guard, still working the submission. Davis avoids the submission and is now in Stephens’ full guard. The bell sounds as they get to their feet. scores the round 10-10

Round 3: Stephens looking more aggressive to start the round. Davis content to counter. Stephens shoots and Davis shucks him off. Davis lands another nice left hand. Stephens with a good left hook. Stephesn whiffs on a high kick. Davis using short leg kicks to set up the straight left. Stephens lands a king-hell right hand that immediately goes out and hits the canvas. The follow up, diving right hand was just a formality, Winslow calls it.

Jeremy Stephens defeated Marcus Davis by knockout at 2:33 of Round 3.

Main Card

Clay Guida vs. Takanori Gomi

Gomi enters the cage to a Japanese rock tune, Guida to “My Hero” by the Foo Fighters, looking as fired up as usual. The crowd shows its support for Guida during fighter introductions. Josh Rosenthal reffing this bout.

Round 1: Guida moving slightly more frantically than usual, Gomi riding the center of the cage. Guida swings wild and wide. Gomi keeping his hands low, switching stances and pecking away from teh outside. Guida lands a high kick and then cracks him with a right hand. Gomi makes Guida miss on a big haymaker. Guida goes for a slick takedown and briefly gets it but Gomi gets right back up. gomi with a body shot. Guida moving like a wildman, he almost lands the high kick again. Gomi looking to time the frenetic Guida. He stuffs Guida’s takedown. Guida landsa body kick and then gets a takedown. Gomi tries to spring up but Guida gets him down again. Guida passes to half guard. scores the round 10-9 for Guida.

Round 2: Guida looking to establish the jab. Gomi looking to land a looping power shot. Guida drops for another takedown, Gomi fights him for it but Guida is relentless. Gomi avoids it and gets back to his feet, landing a knee. Gomi is in the center of the cage but looks to be hacing difficulty figuring Guida out. Guida goes for another head kick and right hand that land nicely. Gomi swinging away and coming up short. Guida with a nice right hand. Gomi lands a beautiful knee as Guida shoots in for a takedown but Guida completes it, seemingly unaffected. Guida looking for an arm triangle. Gomi fights it off, but Guida rolls for a guillotine choke that forces Gomi to tap. Great showing by Guida.

Clay Guida defeated Takanori Gomi by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:27 of Round 2.

Guida quotes “The Big Lebowski” while speaking with Joe Rogan post-fight. Guida shouts out to his trainers and training partners.

Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Kim walks out to the PRIDE theme, looking composed. Diaz makes his way to the cage to Tupac with his brother Nick, Jake Shields and Cesar Gracie. Yves Lavigne will ref the fight.

Round 1: They both come out slightly low. Kim tries for a kick and Diaz eggs him on. Kim with an inside leg kick. Diaz with a nice body shot. Diaz with a nice front kick. Kim goes for a takedown and Diaz looks for the kimura, Kim avoids it. Kim passes to side control. Diaz regains guard. Kim looking to posture up and drop bombs, he lands a nice right. Kim gets mount but Diaz shucks him off. Kim is stifling Diaz from on top, but Diaz is keeping him honest. Diaz lands a solid punch from on top. Diaz looking for a leg but Kim avoids and goes back to balling Diaz up on the mat. Diaz tries for a leg again and Kim avoids. Kim has Diaz’s back with one hook and Diaz rolls for a leg. He uses it to get back to his feet. scores the round 10-9 for Kim

Round 2: Kim with a nice left. Kim with a nice leg kick. Diaz with a nice combo, going to the body and head. Kim drops for a takedown and Diaz avoids. He goes for it again and lands it. Diaz immediately looking for submissions, but Kim is showing very solid grappling in recognizing and avoiding Diaz’s offense. Very nice pass out of butterfly guard by Kim, but Diaz regains full guard. Kim looking to land punches from the top. Diaz pushes Kim off with his feet but Kim gets him back down immediately. Diaz is game here, showing crafty guard work and preventing Kim from scoring very big, but Kim’s dominance is undeniable. Diaz reverses and takes Kim’s back with ten seconds to go. Kim gets to his feet, where Diaz lands a nice right hand. scores the round 10-9 for Kim

Round 3: Diaz starts it out with a jab. Kim with a grazing head kick. Diaz with a good right hand. Diaz avoids a takedown by Kim and turns it into a takedown of his own. Kim stands up and they clinch against the cage. Kim’s strength seems to be a bit too much for Diaz. Diaz landing knees from the front headlock position. Lavigne stops the action and warns Diaz for kneeing Kim while his hand is on the mat, barely. Kim rolls around on the mat but they resume after a few moments. They clinch and Kim presses him against the cage. Diaz avoids a judo toss and reverses Kim for a takedown but then Kim reverses him and ends up on top, where he looks to smother Diaz against the cage. Kim looking to take Diaz’s back, but Diaz rolls for a leg. Kim avoids. Kim tries to take Diaz down but Diaz avoids and reverses. He avoids a judo toss and lands a hard knee. Another knee, this time to the body. Diaz throwing body shots. Diaz is teeing off on Kim against the cage but the clock is winding down. scores the round 10-9 for Diaz.

A bit more time and Diaz may have finished Kim, but it may have end up being a case of too little too late.

Dong Hyun Kim defeated Nate Diaz by unanimous decision(29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Brandon Vera vs. Thiago Silva

Silva looks characteristically gruff on his walk out to the Octagon. Vera walks out looking eager to a Kanye West track. Steve Mazzagatti covers this bout.

Round 1: They take to the center of the cage and start throwing down immediately. Vera gets the clinch and fires off with knees and then a nice punch combinations. A few nice leg kicks land for Vera, who is matching Silva’s aggression so far. Silva lands a takedown from the clinch. Silva is in half guard. Vera mostly smothering Silva’s offense from the top. He gets butterfly guard. Silva passes to side control. Silva landing ground and pound now. Silva is balling Vera up much like Kim did to Diaz earlier. Silva has completely shut Vera down and is now landing with intermittent ground strikes. Silva rolls for a leg but Vera avoids. Silva is looking to tee off from the top.

They get in each other’s faces after the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Silva

Round 2: Vera firing away at the start of the round, standing in the pocket and looking to brawl. Silva lands a few nice punches. They clinch and, after Vera lands a few nice knees, Silva lands a foot trip and gets Vera down. Silva landing peppering strikes. Vera throwing elbows off of his back. Silva looks to posture and Vera is throwing up kicks. Silva avoids and goes back to dominating on the ground, much like the first round. The action stalls and the crowd boos. Silva landing with some short ground strikes. Silva is hammering away now. Vera seems at a complete loss as to what to do with Silva’s top control. Silva briefly explodes with some rapid ground punches. scores the round 10-9 for Silva

Round 3: Vera catches a kick and knocks Silva to the ground. They exchange briefly but Silva gets ahold of Vera and takes him back down. Vera shows flashes of brilliance on the feet but just cannot handle Silva when they hit the mat and can’t stop him from getting him down. Silva has Vera’s back with one hook in against the cage. There isn’t much action happening now, save for some ground and pound from Silva. Silva is just dominating Vera, even drumming his back at a certain point. This fight is very reminiscent of the Diaz-Kim bout, but more dominant in Silva’s favor. Silva is teeing off from the back, even boxing his ears. Vera is getting beat down and has no answer. Very disappointing performance for Vera, whose nose appears quite broken. scores the round 10-8 for Silva

Vera’s nose is devastated.

Thiago Silva defeated Brandon Vera via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann

Stann looks focused and Leben looks fired up as he walks out to the usual “Rollercoaster” cover by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Josh Rosenthal will officiate the bout.

Round 1: They touch gloves and set up for the fight. They trade hard leg kicks. Stann is moving in and out and makes Leben miss on a couple of big punches. They clinch and Stann presses Leben against the cage. Leben clips Stann with an uppercut and then fails on a takedown as they fight from the clinch. They separate. Leben catches a body kick but can’t turn it into a takedown. Stann lands a solid right and then a follow up combination that sends Leben to the mat. Stann briefly looks for a guillotine but Leben avoids. Stann drops Leben again but “The Crippler” recovers, only to be dropped again by a knee. Stann tees off until Rosenthal calls the bout.

After several moments, Leben is still out on the mat, though he manages to congratulate Stann on the win.

Brian Stann defeated Chris Leben via TKO at 3:37 of Round 1.

A choked up Stann dedicates the fight to a former squad mate who died this weekend in Iraq. Stann said that he asked for Leben because he’s the toughest guy in the UFC; he is all class as usual.

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard for the UFC lightweight championship

Maynard looks relaxed on his walk to the cage. Edgar is fired up bouncing/running out to a Biggie track. Yves Lavigne will call this one.

Round 1: Edgar looking as rapid as usual. Edgar with a nice leg kick. Maynard drops Edgar with a left hook. Edgar is doing his best to recover. He continues to scramble away but Maynard is all over him. Under three minutes to go and somehow Edgar is still on his feet, though he is bleeding heavily. Edgar dives for a leg and they end up clinched against the cage. Edgar looking wobbly. Maynard lands a right hook that has Edgar tumbling around the cage. Maynard is taking it to him. Edgar gets back to his feet but does not have his legs back under him. He lands a punch of his own off of the cage. Edgar is hurt still, but somehow hanging on. He pushes forward and lands with a double-jab. He almost ducks right into a knee, but ends the round landing a body shot. scores the round 10-8 for Maynard

Round 2: Maynard’s face looks a bit marked up, as Goldberg points out. Edgar leads with a kick that is partially blocked. An inside leg kick lands for Edgar and he follows with a nice right hand. He slips the left hook that put him down more than once in the first round. Edgar appears to have his legs back under him. He lands a nice right and a good kick, though he slips a bit after throwing a punch. Edgar with a jab. Edgar cracks Maynard with a straight right. Maynard’s left eye starting to swell. Maynard attempts a takedown but Edgar avoids without problem. Maynard may have sapped himself with the first round onslaught. Edgar with a body shot and then a nice one-two. The crowd chants, “Frankie!” Edgar lands a solid double leg but Maynard gets to his feet. Another nice right from Edgar. Maynard clips Edgar with a left hook. Edgar with a rapid fire combo that is punctuated by a solid right hand. Edgar stuffs another takedown. Edgar rocks Maynard with a right. Another. Amazing fight. scores the round 10-9 for Edgar

Round 3: Maynard is moving more fluidly to start things, seemingly focusing less on getting the knockout. Body kick lands for Edgar and he follows with a nice right hand. Edgar moving as well, lands a leg kick. Maynard with a short right hand. Edgar with another nice straight right. Edgar stuffs another takedown attempt by Maynard. Edgar lands a body kick that Maynard catches, but can’t do much with. Maynard with a nice left. Maynard is stalking Edgar and landing more effectively than in the last round. Maynard with a right hook. Maynard opens Edgar’s nose again with a good uppercut. A leg kick by Gray is countered by a left hook from Edgar. A nice leg kick lands for Edgar. He fights off a Maynard takedown for a bit but Maynard follows through and gets him down. Edgar gets to his feet and he looks for the kimura. Maynard moves to side control but Edgar regains guard and snatches a guillotine in the closing seconds. scores the round 10-10

Round 4: Maynard looking very aggressive to start this round. Edgar gets a double leg and goes for the guillotine, but Maynard defends. Edgar hammers away a few punches to Maynard against the cage. Edgar with another takedown. Edgar looking to take Maynard’s back, but he has no hooks in. They get back to their feet. Edgar with a body kick. Edgar throws Maynard off of him as he looks for a takedown. Maynard throwing punches slower. Edgar avoids another takedown and lands a nice right hand. Maynard whiffs on a combo. Edgar with a nice knee. Than a right hand and another takedown. Edgar hammering away right hands against the cage. Edgar lands a nice double-jab. Edgar lands a three punch combination. Maynard avoids a takedown attempt by Edgar. Edgar with a leg kick. scores the round 10-9 for Edgar

Round 5: Edgar with a body kick. Then a leg kick. Maynard lands a jab. Edgar lands to the body and head. Again. Maynard lands a big left hook. They scramble. Edgar stuffs a takedown and lands a knee. Edgar avoids another takedown. Edgar lands a another good takedown and then stuffs a takedown. Maynard avoids a takedown by Edgar. Edgar with a right hand. Edgar stuffs another takedown. Maynard lands with a jab. So does Edgar. Maynard avoids a takedown attempt. Edgar stuffs a takedown. Edgar moving forward, lands with a nice combination, Then an uppercut. Edgar stuffs another takedown and misses on a knee. Edgar stuffs another takedown and they end the round swinging away. scores the round 10-9 for Edgar

What an incredible, close, and entertaining title fight. Edgar should be keeping his title here.

The fight is scored a draw (48-46, 46-48, 47-47)

Edgar keeps his belt, but is obviously disappointed that the fight was scored a draw. Maynard shares Edgar’s disappointment in the scoring.