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A Newly Humbled Brandon Vera Looking To Rebound Against Thiago Silva

UFC light heavyweight fighter Brandon “The Truth” Vera debuted in the UFC in 2005 and showed real promise as a heavyweight fighter. Come 2007, things started getting shaky for the Norfolk, Virginia native. He dropped to the light heavyweight division, but his career still saw ups and downs and “The Truth” was no longer being buzzed about as a legitimate contender in the division.

His most recent fight saw him absolutely demolished by young up-and-comer Jon “Bones” Jones; Vera was finished in the first round by TKO courtesy Jones’ elbows and his face was left broken as a result. Vera will look to rebound from that loss this weekend against Thiago Silva and while speaking during the UFC 125 press conference, the Alliance MMA team member explained that the loss to Jones brought about a needed change in his mentality that he believes will revive his career.

“I remember being off in my own world while he was throwing elbows,” Vera said of his fight with Jones. “He was missing and I was holding his wrist and thinking, ‘Geez, all the hype is about you? Really? This is what you have to offer on the ground? Really?’ And I remember saying, ‘You F’in’ and then I said, ‘suck’ but before I said ‘suck,’ an elbow came down in my face, and smashed my face,” he continued. “That’s when I realized right then and there, ‘That’s what you get, you bastard. That’s what you get for thinking you’re so ahead of the game. That’s what you get.’ For sure I didn’t respect him the way I should have. It was a hard thing to learn, but I promise I learned that one.”

Vera explained that the success he saw early on in his career had gone to his head, but that he has been humbled and is looking forward to climbing his way back to the top.

“The fights seemed to come easy,” he said. “It just seemed to be easy. I was in there training hard, going in and knocking someone out real quick. Training hard, going in and knock somebody else out real quick. I guess my arrogance caught up to me. My head got real big, and someone had to pop it. Too bad someone had to pop my face. But it’s popped. I’m back, my head’s level and I’m ready to go.”

UFC 125: Resolution goes down this weekend at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.